Our History



In 1993, Angelo Fragiskatos fulfilled his dream of owning a bird hunting preserve by founding Exeter Game Farm and Pheasant Club. Since then, the Farm has been host to many memorable bird hunts. The mission of the Game Farm is to provide you, the hunter, with a convenient yet challenging environment to practice and enjoy your sport. As hunting has become a somewhat forgotten pass-time in this day and age, Angelo's hope is that through the Game Farm, this very great tradition may be kept alive. 


Getting Started

In 1993, Angelo Fragiskatos acquired land outside of Exeter, Ontario, which today makes up the Game Farm. After receiving permission from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to establish a bird hunting preserve, he began the process of creating the Farm.

The first step was to restore the existing cabin located near the banks of the Ausable River. Next, Angelo acquired pheasants, quails, and partridges to be used in bird hunts. Soon after, the Game Farm was ready for hunters and with a little word-of-mouth, the Farm's business grew steadily.


Moving Forward

Through the late 1990s and into the mid 2000s, interest in the Farm continued to grow among hunters. As well, Angelo kept up his work on the cabin and the rest of the property

Unfortunately, in 2006, the cabin and some prized hunting dogs were lost to a fire. It was a terrible event. Since then, however, a new cabin has been built.

Today, Exeter Game Farm is stronger than ever. It offers a beautiful landscape with great hunting opportunities. Call Angelo today and book your hunt.