About Us

Exeter Game Farm is a fully-licensed bird hunting preserve. We are located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, along the Ausable River and minutes from the small town of Exeter. Our game farm is a 200 acre mix of open grass fields, medium bush and river flats - perfect for bird hunting. 

Since 1993, hunters have chosen Exeter Game Farm because it is the ideal place to sharpen their skills and keep their hunting dogs well-trained. We have ring-necked pheasants, bobwhite quails, and chukar partridges on site. We release the birds and you do the rest!

Our bird hunts work best if there are at least 2-3 hunters, and we can accommodate a group of up to 20 hunters at a time.

After hunting, you and your group can relax in our large cabin or walk along our forest trails and pond.

We have been featured on WILD TV's "The Canadian Wingshooter."

Our thanks to Dave Goodison and his team for featuring the Farm. Additional thanks to Chuck and Laurie.

Remember to book early.

We are open daily from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year with weather and bird supplies permitting. 

Call or e-mail Angelo today to book your hunt:

Hunting Prices ($100 minimum order per hunter)

Additional Hunting Information

There is a $100 minimum release of birds per hunter.

This is equal to either five pheasants, or seven chukars, or ten quail. You may, of course, combine different birds as part of your minimum order. For example, three pheasants and three chukar, or four quail and three pheasants – so long as a $100 worth of birds or more is released per hunter.

If you do not own a hunting dog we will provide one for your hunt free of charge.

Any group purchasing at least $2000 worth of birds (for instance, at least 100 pheasants) is entitled to a full-day hunt if requested at time of booking. 

All other hunts are half-days (i.e. morning or afternoon hunts). 

Please note that we do not clean or pluck your birds. However, you are free to do this on site if you wish. Before you take the birds home you will have to fill out a form to take with you stating the number and type of birds (this is required by law).

All hunters need to bring a valid small game hunting licence, a firearms licence, and your own gun and ammunition. As well, all hunters and visitors should bring hunter's orange hats and outerwear. 

Mosquito repellent and boots are also recommended on a seasonal basis.

Contact Us

Call Angelo at 519-228-6036 (day or night).

The best way to reach us is by phone.

You can also send an e-mail to:


Please include your phone number when e-mailing.

Remember to book early!

Thank you.

Travel Directions


Please use this Google Maps link to find our proper location:

Click below and type your home address in the starting point address box. Our exact GPS coordinate location has already been input into the destination box to ensure you arrive at the right location. This link can also open Google Maps on most smartphones that have their location settings active. Then, select the navigate button and Google voice directions will guide you to the Farm from your present location.

For GPS devices, please use the following coordinates:

Latitude       43.336619 

Longitude  -81.543204

Enter the above coordinates into your GPS navigation unit. Please note the decimal after the first two digits of each number, as well as the negative sign for the longitude.

We strongly suggest using our latitude and longitude (GPS) coordinates to find your way on a GPS device, as our physical/mailing address is sometimes misplaced on regular maps. The above Google Maps Direct Link has these coordinates pre-programmed and may be a better option for travelling to the Farm.

Legal Information

Licensed under the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Angelo Fragiskatos, the owner and operator of Exeter Game Farm and Pheasant Club, holds a Licence to Own and Operate a Game Bird Hunting Preserve. This licence is issued under Part XII of the Hunting Regulation made under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of Ontario.

Privacy Policy

When you do business with Exeter Game Farm, you can feel secure in knowing that we do not share any of your personal information with third parties. We will not give out your name, e-mail address, phone number, or any other information to spammers, telemarketers and the like. However, we cannot guarantee the security of this information if our website, email, voicemail, physical files or other storage system is ever compromised.